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August 3, 2018

medical marijuana

4 of the latest news pieces pertaining to legalization of Marijuana

As the fastest growing industry in the country, marijuana farming seems to have new developments almost every day. Additionally, the legalization trend has picked up, with one state following another’s suit. This post features our weekly roundup.

Oklahoma legalized medical marijuana

Oklahoma became the 30th state in the country to legalize the medical consumption of marijuana, when a ballot passed in June. It was quite surprising, considering that the state is heavily conservative and that Republicans have often despised the consumption of marijuana and other drugs. With this historic enactment, it does beg the question for states that are yet to legalize.

State legislators

State legislators crank up the pressure

With states legalizing marijuana on a spree, legislators in the state of Oregon have begun to up the pressure on Congress to legalize marijuana consumption. With the way law is structured in the US, federal and state laws often differ. In this case, the federal law inhibits even the medical consumption of marijuana.

2 US Companies go… Canadian??

As a consequence of the aforementioned federal law inhibiting the sale of marijuana, American companies are looking upward to Canada to list themselves in the public market. This is because Canada is the only nation so far to legalize marijuana consumption at the national level. Two American firms – Acreage Holdings and LivWell –  are considering an IPO through the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

Sustainability a key issue in Oregon

As one of the leading states that has legalized recreational use of marijuana, Oregon is an example to follow. However, things haven’t gone as planned. A HIDTA Insight Report says that marijuana farms and manufacturers are exploiting resources such as land and water at uncontrollable levels. Sustainable use of resources should never be compromised. This is mainly due to a serious issue of overproduction in lesser developed counties in the state.