Cannabis family seeds is a promoter of local Marijuana farmers and related businesses in the United States. Post the legalization of recreational usage of marijuana in nine states starting 2006, many businesses have benefited economically. We provide a bit of a helping hand to promote them.

Most businesses in our country who are involved in the production and distribution of marijuana are operated by small farmers and families. As they don’t have sufficient business education or background, they are unable to engage in traditional marketing activities. They depend mainly on organizations like us to help spread the word.

As an established blog with over a million readers all across the nation, Cannabis family seeds has been an active campaigner for the legalization of marijuana for over a decade before laws were enacted. We believe that people should be given the choice to decide what they engage in, so long as it doesn’t cause any external harm.

Today, the blog goes beyond marketing and helps NGOs and local councils to effectively ensure that the practice of recreational usage of Marijuana is controlled to an extent, and laws are in place to avoid substance abuse. Regardless of legalization, American citizens should have the common sense to monitor their consumption.