Write for Us

Digital media is the way to advertise today. Even large companies are realizing that. Such companies engage content marketing agencies to create a solid digital brand, and really get their message through to potential customers. And that is exactly what we do.

To do that, however, we need writers and creative people who know how to paint a picture or to make a story. We look for a certain profile, which we describe below. Currently, we have a team of 16 writers, researchers and storyboarders.


Marijuana farming is not a complex business. In most cases, price is the only determinant of sales. As a result, we need to dig deeper to find out how we can effectively promote a farmer, or a family business. For that, we need writers and researchers who are inherently imaginative and creative in nature.


Often, our writers and researchers have to go on the field to obtain information. Hence we need you to be proactive and hands-on. You will need to be good in talking to people and building relationships. That alone will ensure you get the right information.


Finally, you need to be structured and meticulous. Marketing may be simply a promotional activity, but data and analytics are very much important here. You will need to be structure in your thought and process.